Who we are


Aitor Merino is an actor who has worked with directors like Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Carlos Saura or Icíar Bollarín. He has also played in theater and series on television. He has won several awards as director and screenwriter. His short film “El Pan Nuestro”, was selected for Goya Awards. “Asier eta biok” is his first feature film.


After taking part in some projects as an actress, she moved to Ecuador, where she lives nowadays working as screenwriter and editor. She is an edition and screenplay teacher at INCINE (Tecnologic Institute of Cinema and Acting). Currently she is editing “Asier eta biok”.


Doxa gathers professionals in audiovisual communication, providing since 2009 photography, edition and postproduction services, while also developing their own projects, notably documentaries.

Some of our main clients are Nokia, Converse, Disney, IFEMA, CES Madrid, Madrid Townhall, Travel Channel or Discovery Channel.

We have produced and distributed, among others, the experimental short film Séver and the feature film Los amores difíciles, obtaining selections and awards in several international festivals, such as DocumentaMadrid, Alcine, Asecan, Alcances (Spain); Worldfest (Houston), DocAnt (Buenos Aires), Flexiff (Melbourne), LIDF (London), Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto), FESANCOR (Santiago de Chile)…

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