The film

“Asier and I grew up together in the troubled streets of Pamplona during the eighties. Then we take different paths: Asier remained there performing activities with a clear political commitment, and I moved to Madrid. I had a dream: to be an actor. At drama school I did a lot of friends from everywhere. Years passed and my dream of being an actor was becoming, little by little, a reality.

In March 2002, Asier disappeared. He had become part of ETA. After, he was arrested and imprisoned in France. He spent the next eight years in prison. During that time, I talked a lot about Asier with my friends in Madrid, how special it was for me our friendship. But often, the conversation stemmed in questions for which I found no answer: How to make them understand my friendship with an ETA militant? How to make them understand what might lead to a decision that was hard to assimilate myself?

In July 2010, when Asier was released from prison, I took a camera in order to make a film that would attempt to answer these questions, and by the way, why not, bring positions. But my plan would not be as simple as I expected … “

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