Not everything is artwork

Everybody knows that production is the most boring part of a film, but we love it. Currently we are about to get crazy with the paperwork and the author’s copyright (there’s a whole world around this). There is a lot of work to do in a film like “Asier eta Biok”. In more than an hour, you can use a lot of different materials such as pictures, newspaper articles, TV footage… all of them to contextualize the 80′s and the 90′s and give an extra information about every single detail analyzed in the documentary.

Another issue in which we work is funding, this eternal problem. It is always really difficult to seek money for a documentary project. Public bodies have no money (now more than ever) and private entities do not see any profit, which is what they are looking for in order to invest in a project. So you have to choose film festivals, specific supports for documentary cinema, while directors and producers empty their pockets as much as possible. In this case, Aitor and Amaia Merino as well as Doxa Producciones and Cineatica Films, we are fully involved. The Ecuadorian Government has collaborated with the project through its Film Institute and their development assistance programme. And we are still looking for more help. Any suggestion will be more than welcome!

In the meantime, it is the turn of regional television channels. It’s time to start with the phone calls…

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