My friends in Madrid

Tomorrow night is going to be a key night: my best friends from Madrid will finally watch the film. They do not know it still but they are a really important part of the documentary. Not in a figurative sense, but literally: they appear in the film. Their opinions, their questions, their worries, are also mine and over the years have had a great influence on my way of seeing the world. This is, among other things, what we are talking about in the film. One of the reasons that prompted us to start this project was to make they understand my friendship with Asier, and the resultant film is our try to bring both worlds closer. Tomorrow night we will gather at home around 20 people, most of them actors and actresses. And sitting in the floor (I do not have sofas for so many people!) with some wine and beers, we will watch Asier ETA biok. Will they like it????

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