Making of

The images were shot with a semi-professional HD digital camera with an external microphone connected to the camera. This was the easiest method I found to record the all the material unassisted. This was done to maintain and preserve the intimacy between Asier and myself.

Filming lasted for six months and began when Asier was released from prison in July 2010, finishing in January 2011. Since then, for a year we collected a lot of information and material from archives, newspapers and television news as well as films photographs and personal recordings. Apart from the personal ones the other images are pending, awaiting relevant allowances.

Furthermore, we had been working to develop a provisional imaginary screenplay to add both shape and structure to the original raw material. Nowadays we are completing the final cut mounting.

As a result of the needs of the screenplay, some of the film will feature me personally talking to the camera. There will also be a voice-over which will add necessary weight to the narrative parts of the documentary.

In summary, the work we still have to do is as follows:

a) Obtain the rights to the archive footage.

b) Finish the editing.

c) Shoot the spoken sequences.

d) Record the voice-over.

e) Graphics, colour grading and post production images.

f) Sound and mix.

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