Last film shootings and goodbyes

Last night, exactly two years and two months after I recorded Asier’s release from prison, Amaia and I finished the script Asier ETA biok. We also finished the recordings – some of which I’m working on improving, especially those that can be improved. But the message we wanted to get through is already there. We went to bed exhausted but with the feeling of having done a good job. I think I even dreamt about the movie. Performing a piece of work about major events in the life of those you love, on the history of your village, and on yourself (conscious that many different people will watch – and judge) implies a huge responsibility, and one cannot content him/herself with less. We cannot, it’s  impossible.

There is still a lot of work to do. The edition is very, very close to what will be the final film, but we still have to finish the details, and aaaall the postproduction, for which, fortunately, we count on Doxa’s complicity. We’re positive that for this next December we will have a final copy. And then… Let’s burn it!

Last night we showed the final cut of the film to Nerea and Libe, Asier’s mother and sister. We were terrified thinking of the possibilty of them refusing it, of emotions being too strong, or of them believing that we did not portray Asier with the dignity he deserves. But both were moved and congratulated us. We have to keep in mind that this is an extremely sensitive topic, and that this movie focuses certain aspects of Asier’s life with a very critical eye. Our words of gratitude for this generous family would not fit in a blog. As for Asier… Amaia and I have not enough words. And this applies for Maite as well.

Tonight we will be showing the film to our parents. They too have made a great effort, taking care of us and encouraging us during this whole month in a way only parents can do.

Today we will record some voice-overs and spend all day doing “renders”. And we will say goodbye to our families. Tomorrow we will take a bus to Madrid, directly to the airport. I will accompany Amaia, who is going back to Ecuador, with no time to rest  after a month of hard work.  But we very much enjoyed it!

The last few days, and especially yesterday, have been like a rollercoaster ride: completely crazy. The day before yesterday there were some electrical problems in our house, and suddenly, we ran out of light. And there were sooooo many things to do! We were just switching on the computer when suddenly, bang, blackout. And of course, we had to repeat the work. My poor sister… Now she is falling asleep on our couch. Don’t you think she has something in her face that reminds of a computer screen? : )

In the next picture, I’m in my ‘set’ of shooting. A spectacular set, isn’t it? Haha…  It’s my father’s room, who has had to turn it over to the movie…

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