Crowdfunding video

Yesterday was a shooting day. Our goal: to record the promotional video for our crowdfunding campaign. The day was heavily cloudy but we had to go on with the shooting. The set: Mai’s terrace. The director: Ainhoa. The orchestra: friends and girlfriends. And Mai, acting like a ninja, and doing a thousand things in unbelievable body positions. Ainhoa took the baton and directed all the movements of the corps de ballet, who rehearsed and rehearsed until everything was ready. But, Madrid, oh, Madrid is a complicated set. The construction workers, whom we thought had nearly disappeared because of the crisis, stayed with us during all the day. Scaffoldings changes, hammer, walls collapsing, tuning of radial arm saw, and the decibels were there: pum pum pum, ratatatata. We kept on rehearsing, again and again. It had to be done in a unique shoot, so there had to be no mistakes.

When everything was ready and we started to record the first shoots, a helicopter joined the party. We did not pay attention. We started recording, again and again, until it came out perfectly choreographed. When Ainhoa said “Cut, this one is good!”, the sky started dropping a few raindrops, before it started raining cats and dogs. End of the shooting.. Next week will see the result, we believe it will look very nice. We also shot several shoots from the other side of the roost, a making where you will be able to see that what is happening in front of and behind a camera are not always the same. Movie’s magic!

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