Asking yourself questions about making a contribution by internet?

The Verkami platform is a secure platform to make payments. The reason for only allowing credit card contributions is that this contribution will not be withdrawn from your account until the project is complete and has reached the figure requested for each project (in our case, 7,500€ is the minimum we need). Some people from our team have already contributed to other projects, and we can say that we have never had any specific problem.

 The Verkami team explains it very well in an email they sent us answering to the security questions received by some people interested in our project:

“Payments only can be made by credit card as they will only be charged at the end of the project, and only if the crowdfunding ends successfully.

If you are doubting for safety reasons, we can also tell you that at the time you give your data in Verkami, you are actually on a gateway payment page of x (your specific bank), which can be considered as safe as buying an online concert or plane ticket. But we can perfectly understand your doubts. “

 If you still have doubts and do not want to make a contribution online, you can write to the following address, and we will try to find the most easy and convenient way for you to contribute:

Thank you so much to all of you who are getting involved in this project.

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