Asier eta biok in the media

  • “With “Asier eta biok” I am trying to understand why my friend joined ETA” interview from Aitor published on
  • “I do not want people to go out of the cinema and say that Asier is a wonderful person” interview from Aitor on radio SER
  •  Elefanta arrosa baten gainean, article published in the Basque newspaper GARA
  • How to make my friends from Madrid understand my friendship with an ETA militant? Article published in El Mundo
  • “This is not an indulgent portrait, we delve into uncomfortable areas” interview of Aitor published in GARA, together with “The deliberate omission as weapon of censorship” also from Aitor
  • Interview of Aitor in the programme Faktoria of radio Euskadi Irratia (from 1.44.00)
  • Interview of Aitor in the programme Boulevard of Radio Euskadi (from 3.15.20).

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